February 19, 2009

Poetry Friday: At Sea


Turn the clock on its face.
Time should not see us kicking
into the green depths of love,
slick as seals chasing a brisk
and breathing sea

or pulsing together above the reef -
two squid blushing crimson
in the sway and slow lap
of a rising tide.


I am a sea cave. You,
the great sliding eel -
with no one blind
to the drift of this -
and the way the kiss
of your skin lights
this dark passage.


Time must be kicking up a froth
at the surface of this sea.
No doubt we will rise
to it soon -
to sheets of whitecaps
to the dark canvas
of a billowing night sail
pierced in a thousand places -

thin light to chart our journey home.

-- Jet Buell

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